L'OREAL X BALMAIN 12 Exclusive Couture Shades of Color Riche Matte Lipstick

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Now i'm going to tell you my thought about last month newest lipstick edition from L'OREAL Paris. This lipstick is an amazing collaboration with Olivier Rousteing. For those of you that don't know about him, he is the man behind the famoust fashion house called Balmain Paris. He's a french fashion designer and creative director of BalmainParis. I'm sure you guys know "The Kardashians Family". He is their most favorite Fashion Designer. They always wear his collection through they special occasions. 

    Last month for the first time L’OREALParis is having a marvelous collaboration with Balmain Paris to create an amazing masterpiece. 12 Couture Shades of Color Riche Matte Lipstick. This is the most exclusive collaboration with Color Riche Limited Edition lip color. I can say how this lipscticks are very amazing. I don’t lie……. Trust me!!!!😃

Here is whats the packaging look like….

{Outer Packaging  L’OREALParis X Balmain Paris}


            Color Riche Matte by Balmain is offer this 12 shades that exclusively designed by Olivier Rousteing to beautify every woman lips with the most edgiest color. The Color Riche Matte Lipstick by Balmain is designed in a premium package that inspired and designed by Olivier Rousteing to represent 3 type of feminity  from “Glamazone, Rock, and Couture”. He made this 12 shades of lip makeup exclusively and he did make the new color that haven’t seen before.

{Whats Inside The Packaging of L’OREAL Paris X Balmain Paris}

            This lipstick has a great formula that works nicely on our lips. This contains pure soft touch pigments and precious velvet cream that infused with black camelia oil, to give the richest matte color ever. Intens color and moiturizing in the same time. I can’t lie that this lipstick is very pigmented and very lightweight. Their formula gives you an amazing experience when you try to use them on your lips. And don’t forgot about the sparks when you put it into your lips. If you look closely they have a gold pigment that makes this lipstick so luxurius. Just in one swipe onto  your lips the color will nicely come out. 

Here is the 3 of their feminity themes and the swatches.


Descriptions :  648 “Glamazone”
        905 “Balmain Instinct”
        647 “Urban Safari”
        469 “Fever”


Descriptions :    355 “Domination”
                                                                           356 “Confidence”
                                                                           468 “Liberation”
                                                                           246 “Confession”


                                        Descriptions :  650 “Power”
                                                                          467 “Freedom”
                                                                          901 “Rebellion”
                                                                          902 “Legend”


(sorry for double Confession swatch)

            I buy them at the mall in my city. If you wanna buy it, they have a very affordable prices. Each lipstick is about Rp 149.000,- this is very affordable price for high quality lipstick. But, if you wanna their premium pack with their 12 shades and their limited edition package you just need to pay Rp 1.499.000,-. Its pretty cheap right? You got their 12 shades and the luxurius package.

            Sadly these day they don’t have this premium package anymore….. Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, i have good news, you can buy each of them online or go to L’OREAL store near you. They have some special package too. With 3 shades inside it. Yaaayyyyy!!!!!!! So, what you guys waiting for? Go try this lipstick!! I bet you never regret it. This is very worth to buy and must have items for me. I’m sure you’ll think the same way too.

            Alright guys,,,thank you so much for spending your time to read this. This is my truly honest review. Tell me what you guys think in the comment sections, and don’t forgot to tell all your friends to stop by on my blog. And please kindly follow my Instagram account for more interesting post. You can click this link to visit my Instagram account @piiziiwiizii please kindly follow me, give your loves and your comments.


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