Beautiful Healthy Looking Nails With SMOOCH Beauty Bar

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Okay,,,now we go to the real topic. So, now i have a topic about our nails. No…… I wont tell you guys too much about it. I just wanna share an experience about nail treatment in one cool beauty bar in town. Why this place called beauty bar??? Because it is a beauty bar... 😙😙 If some of you that doesn’t know whats the definition of beauty bar, i’ll explain a bit.

Beauty bar is ussually know as a beauty salon. It have so many treatment that beauty related. Such as nail, hair, face, and body treatment. They have makeup arrangement too…. Is it amazing to have everything done in one cool place.

So,, a couple weeks ago i was trying a nail treatment in one of a cool beauty bar in town. Named “SMOOCH Beauty Bar”. Maybe some of you already knows it. This place is really cute and very comfortable in the same time. Even they just have a small space, but everything could be done here with appointment first, its mean you guys need to book first before starting your treatments. Click this link so you can directly go to their Instagram account @smoochbeautybar

{Here's Whats Inside SMOOCH Beauty Bar}

“SMOOCH Beauty Bar”Bandung is inside KukuMama Café area. Located at  Jl. R.E. Martadinata No.221, Cihapit, Bandung Wetan, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40114. You can see the KukuMama sign from the distance. It has a huge sign though, so you can notice it directly.

{Here Is The Sign}

(I google it, sorry i forgot to take the picture of this)

            Now, back to the topics. So, what kind of nail treatment i was having there?? Curious ehhh…??? Okay,,okay,, lets be serious. I was choosing Gehwol manicure and Inglot nail polish. I was arrange it for about 3 or 4 days before. Why?? Because, i want it..  I know this place from my friend, she’s having the eyelash extention treatment. Yups,,,,this bar have eyelash extention treatment too. 

            Before we talking about the treatment, lets talk about their nail polish first. They have so many colors, brands, and many kind of polish type.  Here is the snap of it.

{Nail Polish Color Range and Type}

(They have gel nail polish too as well)

            Okay, now lets talk about the treatment I was having. So, last time i was having a Gehwol manicure and Inglotnail polish. I’ll give you guys the pricelist down below. Okay??? Actually, this is my first time having this Gehwol manicure. The result is amazing, I’m loving it sooooo much. Now, get ready because i’ll share you all the treatment.
{First Step}

(Clean my nails from my previous polish and all the dirt)

{Second Step}


(Smoothen the nail surfaces and it edges)

{Third Step}

(Removing all the dead skin and cleaning the cuticle)

{Fourth Step : The Fun Part}

(Scrub my hand and my palm with Gehwol Soft Feet Scrub. I know,,,I know its said soft feet,,, but the lady said this can be use for our palm too. She cleans up everything with water, but i forgot to take the pictures. Because both of my hand are wet)

{Fifth Step : Nail Polish}

(Applying Inglot base coat)

 (Drying Step)

(Second layer is the color i desire. And yes she apply the top coat. And yes I forgot to takes pictures….damnnnnn..sorry guys..)

{Final Step}

(Applying the nails vitamint, to makes our finger looks healthy. Yaaaaayyy!!)


(Can you see the result? I’m loving the result. My nails and my fingers looking so healthy)

            I hope you guys can see the treatments. You know what?? All this treatments just only costs RP 130.000,-. Yuppsss,,,,,it is true. It very cheap right?? Can I said it again..????? its veryy ccheeaapppp!!!!!!! Ouh..ouh…ouh.. wait you can get a member card. You can collect stamp on the member card everytime you coming to the bar. If you guys collect 10 stamps (its mean you having 10 treatments), you cant get Rp 50.000,-free for the next treatment. Whoooo….amazing right. I’ll giving you guys the price list down below. So, you can see all the price is sooo affordable.

{Price List}
                    Allright guys, I thinks that’s all from me. I hope what i share today is usefull for you guys. What I share here is really my opinion, maybe you guys have a different point of view. Please write your comment down below, so i can know what you guys thinks. Don’t forgot to follow my Instagram account guys, just simply klik the link @piiziiwiizii . Thank you so much for spending your time to read this. 


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  1. uuu soo cutee! please try the pink or gold one next time ! xoxo <3

  2. Pengen jg centil lg, secara dlu aq nail artists jg, ahahah tp udah lama ga ditekunin, next lah coba2 sendiri lagi ku share, mudah2an ya kalo gak malas hehe

    1. waahhh sayang bgt beb. lagi bagus lho dunia perkukuan

  3. cantik banget kukunyaa <3 harganya juga terjangkau yaa

  4. Wah lucu ya warnanyaaa, pengen ih sekali-kali meni pedi rawat kuku. Banyak juga ya treatment yang disediakan

  5. Wahh.. aku ga pernah meratiin kuku sih orangnya. Jarang kutekan juga soalnya orangnya megang sana sini, sekalinya pake kutek itu rancu cepet rusak 😂😂😂

  6. Seumur" ga pernah perawatan kuku gitu
    Maybe I should try it next time

  7. Cantiik kukunya, aku pengen jugaa nail art sekali kali :D


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