Hola Pixies! How you are guys doing lately? Good? I hope you do. Anyway, guys, I want to tell you about my experience in joining a cool class presented by Komunitas ISB and The British Institute, or maybe you guys know as TBI. This course is superb!

Creative Writing English Course With TBI Dago

This creative writing English course with TBI is open my eyes and knowledge. This class held three days in a row. Honestly, I was very nervous. My stomach gets sick even before the class started. It’s been a long time since I’m attending a class like this. I’m afraid I can’t following the teachers and the theory.

Before telling you all the fun, lemme tell you a bit about TBI itself. So, TBI was founded on 18th February 1984. Focused on giving English courses to many circles. Its the first and foremost English course place in Indonesia. The quality and quantity itself are not in doubt.

In this class, TBI shares knowledge about creative writings in English. Is pretty crazy and amazing to know Komunitas ISB chooses me as one of their participants. In this class, we learn a lot of things in creative writings. So, let’s start the story about all the fun. 

First Day: Introduction and Product Review

Introduction and Product Review

Introduction and Product Review

The class starts with our first teacher, Ms. Grace. She’s so adorable. She asks all of us to be active and participate in every assignment. She let us introduce ourselves to the prepared sheet. Because I’m too nervous and excited about following every theory, I’m filling all the worksheets even before class start. 

Anyway, guys, as we know, creative writing is used in poems, plays, movie & tv script, fiction, songs, speeches, memoirs, personal essays, blogs, and reviews. So that why this class is very important for me and other participants.

After the introduction, Ms. Grace divides us into several groups. So we can knows about each other more. She explains to us about present simple and past simple passive more. After that, she asks us to do an assignment. Making a product review. The assignment is collected the next day before the class.

Second Day: Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant Reviews

On this second day, we learn more about creative writing. The teacher for that day is Ms. Irthi. She’s so adorable like Ms. Grace too. Restaurant reviews are the second theory that we learn. I thought this review is simple, we just add pros and cons and then done. But it’s not that simple. 

And that makes me remember what I did before is wrong. We need to add a few things that matter. Like service, food & beverage, and atmosphere. Sometimes I just focus on the food itself. Because I thought most of us just wanna straight to the point. But then I’m totally wrong.

Again, she gave us an assignment to reviews our favorite restaurant. The next day she will check it and give us some notes if our result is needed to be fixed.

Third-Day: More About Product Reviews and Simple passive

Product Reviews and Simple passive

Product Reviews and Simple passive

On the last day, Ms. Irthi just introduces herself. Because yesterday she is in the last session. This last session is more fun. We board to play games as a group. Its not ordinary board games. All the board contains questions and simple passives.

So much fun because we can learn more about the theory with our group. And we can share a lot of knowledge, sharing things and about each other. Sadly the course has come to an end. Hiks…. I need more time. Please!


Anyway, you can meet these two adorable teachers Ms. Grace and Ms. Irthi at TBI Dago, Bandung. Here you can found so many classes based on anything you need. IELT, TOEFL course and practice here is very trustable. 

Teacher learning every month. Metode and theory are up to date. TBI also trusted by a huge company and some of the universities in Bandung. The classes are very flexible too. You can choose between 10.00 am to 21.00 pm. And you can choose online classes or an offline class. Maybe during this pandemic, you can pick one class here to spend some time. 

Not just that TBI Dago is also provides some classes for your need.

- Children

- Pre Teen

- Teen

- Global English

- Exam Preparation for TOEFL or IELTS test

- Workshop

- In-House Training

- Private Class

- Blended Learning

- Online Learning

- Teacher Training

Lots of activities too. Like, event support, perform art, program bundling, and etc. Also, TBI has so many special promotions ongoing. All year programs (pay one level get a special discount, special prices for family members, group promo, etc).

Also, there an upcoming promo Back to Campus: Special Discount 20% + lucky dip (Study Voucher, Merchandise, etc) Only in September 2020

You can visit this listed branch for more info.

- Jakarta: Pondok Indah / Kuningan / Kelapa Gading

- Cibubur

- Depok

- Tangerang : BSD / Gading Serpong

- Bandung : Dago / Festlink / Jatinangor

- Malang

For more contact please reach this listed contact.

Info : 08122-046-937

Email :

Website :

Instagram : tbibandung

Facebook: TBI Bandung

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