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Hola Pixies! Having a short eyelash is boring! Having an eyelash extension is pretty dangerous for sensitive eyes like mine. Or maybe using faux eyelashes gonna be too much for everyday makeup. Finding a good mascara is a tough job. I don’t know if you guys agree, but that’s what I feel. Some of my research has led me to this L’oreal Lash Paradise Mascara.

Love-Hate Relationship, L'oreal Lash Paradise
L'oreal Lash Paradise

L’oreal Lash Paradise Mascara looking pretty catchy on the packaging. Packaging sucker raise yo/ hand! I can tell this rose gold color is looking pretty good. And it comes with a box. This is my first time buying a drugstore mascara that comes with a box. Its plus points!

L'oreal Lash Paradise
L'oreal Lash Paradise

On the box itself, you can see the result after using this mascara. I’m kind of curious how it looks on mine. I've ever bought a mascara from different brands, some of the influencers gave a good review about it. But when I try it, it’s not good.

“91% saw intense & volumized lashes, 98% lengthening effect, and 87% saw more beautiful lashes.”

The packaging said that. I have a huge expectation for this product. Oops, almost forgot one thing. I bought this online and you can find a lot cheaper than offline stores. Discount Hunter! Yass! But, the only reason is due to this pandemic I’m scared to go out. This product sells for about Rp 150.000. If you're lucky you can get it for about Rp 70.000.

Now, let’s try it!

This is my eyelash before application.

Before Aplication
Before Application

The result after application.

After Aplication
After Application

Well, I can tell the result is very impressive. I’m in love with how my eyelash thicker and much longer than before. Since this mascara is trending lately, the result worth the hype. I love the brush too.

Even though it has a great result on me, I found a few things that bother me. Well, it’s a little heavy on my eyes. Gets dry really fast. So, if you wanna double up the application, better do it quickly. If you don’t, your lashes will be looking too thick and pretty lumpy. The last one I don’t really like about this is that it's really hard to clean up. (Can I say damn? smh)

I need to clean it up for about three times using an eye remover. This mascara is strong like for real. I don’t know if my eye remover can’t do the job well or it just its. And I hate when the residue is still there the next day. 

Despite having a hard time cleaning the residue on my lashes, I love the result though. And I just have a quite complicated love-and-hate relationship with this product. Well, probably gonna use this for special occasions only. But, if you guys have a stronger eye remover than I do, go ahead try it for your daily basis.

So, have you guys tried this L’oreal Lash Paradise Mascara? Lemme know on the comment down below.

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