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Hello, Pixies! My name is Bella Bellezhee. But, you can call me Bella or Zhee. Actually, this is a new hut for me, my first was in I'm a beauty & lifestyle blogger, a single mom of a beautiful princess, store owner, and a makeup artist. I love to write all things beauty related, especially make up and beauty hacks/routine. But, sometimes I do write about lifestyle too. And I'm a lipstick sucker! Yass!! Lipstick for life!

Fantasy makeup and special effect makeup is really my things. I can express my fantasies or dream with makeup. I'm doing regular makeup too as well. My go-to makeup is natural glam. But, I can go with bold glitz & glam makeup for daily. I just love how makeup gives you extra confidence. 

Age: 29 yrs old
My skin type: Oily, Acne, Whitehead, Black Head, PIH
Skin Color: Honey (natural)
Undertone: Warm Tone


Since I really love makeup, I had so many chances to teach and share my makeup routine or style on makeup classes with some brands. Let say Mustika Ratu, this legendary brand trusted me to teach classes twice in 2019. And then Mirabella, I had two incredible chances too in 2019. 

Makeup Class with Mirabella

(Makeup Class With Mirabella)

Makeup Class with Mustika Ratu

(Makeup Class With Mustika Ratu)

I've won several makeup competitions too. Once I win for "The Best Makeup Artis in Bandung" for the "Self Makeup" category by Mustika Ratu in 2017. The other one is for "The Best Makeup Artist in Cimahi" for the "Fantasy Makeup" category by Tiara Kusuma and Purbasari in 2018.

Makeup Competition 1st Place with Mustika Ratu

(Makeup Competition 1st Place with Mustika Ratu)

Makeup Competition 1st Place with Tiara Kusuma and Purbasari

(Makeup Competition 1st Place with Tiara Kusuma and Purbasari)

I've won some of the blogging competitions too

1. 1st Winner Catrice Makeup Reviews Competitions 2018
2. 1st Favourite Winner Cathy Doll Makeup Reviews Competition 2018

And the last one I also do present an event as a host/MC for some communities.

1. MC for BeautyGoers Pajamas Party 2018
2. MC for Bandung Beauty Vlogger Summer Party 2019

Anyway, I'm open to any collabs or any kind of project that relates to my page.

For business inquiries please kindly contact me here


Instagram : @petitepixie__
Twitter : @petite__pixie
facebook : Petite Pixie
Email : Mail Me Here!